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Sermon Audio

sermon title Date Speaker
Why Dependance Is Difficult-Part 1: Our Enemy Sunday 03.19.17 Pastor David Kizziah
Knees Bent: Lent to Advent! Sunday 03.12.17 Pastor David Kizziah
A Lion, A Rock, Some Carpet and a Canvas Sunday 03.05.17 Pastor David Kizziah
Did You Read The Fine Print? Sunday 02.26.17 Dr. David Waganer
On Mission in Phillipines (slideshow in notes) Wednesday 02.22.17 Darrell Cheeks
Haiti Mission Report (video below) Sunday 02.19.17 Haiti Team Members
Thessalonians: Check Your Attitude Wednesday 02.15.17 Dr. David Waganer
Unlimited Generosity To Impact Sunday 02.12.17 Dr. David Waganer
Unlimited Gifts To Express Sunday 02.05.17 Dr. David Waganer
Theme: A Study In Jude "Stand Up for the Faith" Wednesday 02.01.17 Dr. David Waganer
Unlimited Gospel To Share Sunday 01.29.17 Dr. David Waganer
Theme: A Study in Jude "It Is All In Who You Know" Wednesday 01.25.17 Dr. David Waganer


Full length DVDs of each week can be picked up in the church lobby.

Haiti Mission

The Haiti mission team recently returned from another successful trip. The following is a professionally filmed video from a previous trip to the same location with a similar task. Click the screen below to watch the video from 2015.

from Genesis Studios.

Sermon Notes

Notes are available in the church lobby each week. When there are visual used in the service, they will be available for download above, along with the sermon audio.