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Sermon Audio

sermon title Date Speaker
This Is My Story: Be Proactive Sunday 01.15.17 Dr. David Waganer
Forgiveness Wednesday 01.11.17 Dr. David Waganer
THIS IS MY STORY: Stay Pure & Positive Sunday 01.08.17 Dr. David Waganer
Dealing With Temptation Wednesday 01.04.17 Dr. David Waganer
THIS IS MY STORY: Gain Perspective Sunday 01.01.17 Dr. David Waganer
A King Inside a Boy Who Changes Lives Today Sunday 12.25.16 Dr. David Waganer
A King In a Boy As Seen Through Eywitness Accounts Sunday 12.18.16 Dr. David Waganer
A King In a Boy As Viewed Through His Mother's Eyes Sunday 12.11.16 Dr. David Waganer
Be Transparent for the End of Life Sunday 12.04.16 Dr. David Waganer
Jesus Cares Wednesday 11.30.16 Dr. David Waganer
A Christmas Without Praise Sunday 11.27.16 Dr. David Waganer
The One Who Thanks Sunday 11.20.16 Dr. David Waganer

Sermon Video

Full length DVDs of each week can be picked up in the church lobby.

Sermon Notes

Notes are available in the church lobby each week. When there are visual used in the service, they will be available for download above, along with the sermon audio.