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Sermon Audio

sermon title Date Speaker
Enemies Too Close For Comfort Sunday 07.20.14 Mike Townsend
Miracles Wednesday 07.16.14 Mike Townsend
If God is Good... Sunday 07.13.14 Mike Townsend
Growth Agents of Freedom Sunday 07.06.14 Mike Townsend
In Remembrance of Grace Sunday 06.22.14 Mike Townsend
As Clear As Mud Sunday 06.29.14 Mike Townsend
Benefits to the "Outreacher" Wednesday 06.18.14 Mike Townsend
A Daddy Like God Sunday 06.15.14 Mike Townsend
The Body's Control Center Wednesday 06.11.14 Mike Townsend
The Profoundly Plain & Simple Sunday 06.08.14 Mike Townsend
Understanding the Lingo Sunday 06.01.14 Mike Townsend
Loves Roll in Outreach Wednesday 05.28.14 Mike Townsend

Sermon Video

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